2023 Call for Papers

This year's theme is markup quality assurance.

Markup itself, of course, is about adding semantics and precision to content, allowing us to author, process, and publish information faster while avoiding the pitfalls of the many manual tweaks necessary in unstructured word processing. But automation is not without its problems:

But remember, markup is not just XML. How do you measure quality in Markdown documents? JSON? YAML? Have we learned anything since SGML?

As always, we welcome any markup-related abstract of interest - markup QA is an important area for us all, but by no means the only one.

We'd like to see extended abstracts, long and detailed enough to give us an understanding of what your paper and presentation will be about, or, if you so prefer, a full paper.

Abstracts can be submitted using the EasyChair conferencing system, located at https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=muk23.

Important Dates

2023-01-01 Call for Papers opens
2023-01 Early Bird opens
2023-03-24 Call for papers ends
2023-04-21 Feedback to authors
2023-04-28 Early Bird closes
2023-05-12 Full papers due
2023-06-01 Preconference day
2023-06-02 First day of the conference
2023-06-03 Second day of the conference

Paper Submission

The conference audience is a good mixture of markup geeks, academics, publishers, software engineers, and end users.

When you submit an abstract, it will be reviewed by our Programme Committee. If your abstract is accepted, we'll expect you to write it up as a full paper for inclusion in the conference proceedings and give a presentation at the conference itself.