Enhancing Markup Quality Assurance with Automated Schema Visualization

Sven Reinck



The paper describes an XSD visualizer plugin that automates schema visualization and emphasizes the accuracy and completeness of element structure. It provides a comprehensive view of the inheritance hierarchy and actual element structure, allowing users to quickly identify potential errors and ensure the correctness and completeness of markup documents. This tool is useful for academics, software engineers, and end-users interested in enhancing their markup quality assurance practices through automated schema visualization with a specific focus on element structure.

Table of Contents

Background and Related Work
Introducing the XSD Visualizer Plugin
Key Features for Assessing Schema Quality
Visualizing Inheritance Structure
Providing Effective Element and Type Structure
Jump-to-Code for Editing
Future Development
Enhancing the Schema Quality Workflow with Work-in-Progress Features
Tree View for Exploring the Actual Structure
Composite View for Understanding Complex Composition Structures
Implementation Details of the XSD Visualizer Plugin
Feedback and Future Development
Support for Additional Schema Formats
Potential Name Change to "SchemaViz"
Port to Visual Studio Code
HTML Export with SVG Graphics