Schema development and processing play a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and integrity of structured data. However, several challenges arise in this process, hindering the effective management and optimization of schemas. This paper aims to address these challenges by introducing the "XSD Visualizer Plugin", a comprehensive tool designed to enhance schema quality assurance.

First, it is important to understand that the use of XML can be divided into two different fields of use that make different requirements of XML schemas and pose distinct challenges for the quality. One is structured data and the other is document content. Both provide structured representation and interoperability, but are completely different in the features they demand from a schema.

On the one hand, structured data is often defined by a hierarchy of data types. As data formats evolve and requirements change, modifying elements within a hierarchy can be a challenge. A minor misstep can have a cascading effect on the entire data structure.

On the other hand, document content often allow the same types of elements on different levels of the structure but not in the same way, it can be very difficult to describe such a schema in the same way as a data format. Which often leads to very complex schemas that are not really helpful to understand the format. That's why e.g. Schematron takes a completely different approach to describe XML.

So this paper will mostly focus on structured data and will only present rough ideas on how to visualize the structure of document content. One of the primary challenges faced by developers and users of structured data is comprehending the schema as a whole. Schemas often comprise complex hierarchies of types, making it difficult to gain a clear and holistic understanding of their complete structure. This lack of comprehensive understanding can impede effective schema modification, validation, and overall maintenance.

To address these challenges, the "XSD Visualizer Plugin" offers a solution that is more intuitive and seamless than traditional schema visualization tools. Because it is a plugin it integrates directly into the user's usual working environment. And since its focus is visualization, the user experience is free from distractions.

Additionally, the "XSD Visualizer Plugin" shows the effective structure of elements while preserving the information how it was created, allowing users to modify elements within the hierarchy and maintaining schema correctness. This feature makes it easier to change the schema without creating collateral damage and compromising the overall quality of the schema.

In the subsequent sections of this paper, we will delve deeper into the key features and functionalities of the "XSD Visualizer Plugin", illustrating how it addresses these challenges and improves schema quality assurance.