Implementation Details of the XSD Visualizer Plugin

The "XSD Visualizer Plugin" is implemented using a combination of Java and Kotlin programming languages, leveraging the JavaFX framework for its user interface (UI) components. However, due to the underlying Swing-based UI framework used by IntelliJ, the plugin incorporates a compatibility layer to ensure seamless integration within the IntelliJ environment. Nevertheless, the plugin is designed in such a way that future porting to Swing can be achieved with minimal effort, allowing for the removal of the compatibility layer.

The foundation of the "XSD Visualizer Plugin" is built upon Javis (Java Visualizer), a tool developed by the author for visualizing the execution of Java programs during training sessions. By leveraging the capabilities and insights gained from Javis, the plugin offers a robust and feature-rich visualization experience for XML schemas within the IntelliJ IDE.

To enable fluid and dynamic changes to the UI during the exploration and editing of schemas, the XSD Visualizer Plugin utilizes the Fenja library, developed by the author. Fenja provides a set of powerful tools and utilities specifically designed to facilitate a seamless and interactive user experience when working with dynamic UI elements. This library allows users to navigate, explore, and modify the schema in a fluid manner, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.