Composite View for Understanding Complex Composition Structures

The Composite View is another work-in-progress feature that aims to facilitate a deeper understanding of the complex composition structures present in XML-based document formats. Many XML document formats, such as DocBook, involve intricate relationships and dependencies between various components. The Composite View will provide a visual representation of these composition structures, showcasing the interconnections, dependencies, and hierarchy of components within the XML-based document format. This feature will aid users in comprehending the complex relationships between different parts of the document, thereby improving their ability to design, validate, and maintain high-quality schemas for such formats.

Since DocBook 4.5 is an XML-based document format that is described as DTD - a format that is better for data formats - the structure can be quite complicated. This is an idea on how to visualize the composition of these groups so the authors of this format have a better understanding of their format. I assume it can be pretty hard to keep such a structure in your head. Maybe this visualization can even help to clean up the format and make it easier.

These work-in-progress features demonstrate the ongoing commitment of the "XSD Visualizer Plugin" team to enhance the schema quality workflow. By introducing the Tree View and Composite View, the plugin aims to provide users with powerful tools to explore and understand the actual structure of XML files, ensuring alignment with the associated schema and enabling efficient handling of complex composition structures.