In conclusion, the "XSD Visualizer Plugin" offers a powerful and intuitive solution for enhancing schema quality assurance and visualization within the IntelliJ IDE. By addressing the challenges associated with understanding and modifying XML-based document and data formats, the plugin provides users with a comprehensive set of features that promote efficient and effective schema design, validation, and maintenance.

Through its innovative visualizations, including the visualization of inheritance structures and effective element and type representations, the "XSD Visualizer Plugin" enables users to gain deep insights into their schemas. The clear and intuitive interface empowers users to identify and address quality issues, ensuring adherence to defined structures and promoting best practices in markup design.

The plugin's work-in-progress features, such as the Tree View for exploring the actual structure of XML files and the Composite View for understanding complex composition structures, further enhance the schema quality workflow. These features facilitate a holistic view of schemas, enabling users to navigate and analyze their structures with ease.

Looking ahead, the "XSD Visualizer Plugin" has ambitious plans for future development. The team is actively working on expanding support for other schema formats, such as Schematron, Relax NG and even JSON Schema, to cater to a broader range of user needs.

The plugin's portability to Visual Studio Code and the introduction of an HTML export feature with SVG graphics further emphasize its commitment to facilitating collaboration and sharing within the schema design community.

Overall, the XSD Visualizer Plugin provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for schema designers, developers, and stakeholders. It empowers users to navigate, explore, and validate their schemas with confidence, ultimately contributing to improved quality and efficiency in markup design.