Beyond the brick, for the past in the future, you find the archive!

Karin Bredenberg

Senior Technical Advisor metadata
National Archives of Sweden

Jaime Kaminski

Senior Lecturer
University of Brighton


The statement that XML is dead[1] is as wrong as celebrating Christmas on midsummer night’s eve! At least in our opinion. Imagine making an archival soup based on international standards using XML, with one municipal archive, two regional archives, five national archives and the European Commission’s eArchiving Building block thrown into the mix. This is what we are going to attempt, let us set the stage and take you through the recipe!

[1] is a starting point for getting more information regarding the statment.

Table of Contents

Building Blocks
eArchiving Building Block
Long-term preservation of information
Use cases
Skill set
Standards, de facto standards and specifications
eArchiving Building block Specifications
The eArchiving reference model setting
Content specifications
Basic soup recipe with a twist
Conclusion: Moving on from soup