eArchiving Building Block

For the archives and others transferring information the newly set up eArchiving building block [5]is the important component in protecting our history. The aim of eArchiving is to provide the core specifications, software, training and knowledge to help data creators, software developers and digital archives tackle the challenge of short, medium and long-term data management and reuse in a sustainable, authentic, cost-efficient, manageable and interoperable way. The core of eArchiving is formed by Information Package specifications which describe a common format for storing bulk data and metadata in a platform-independent, authentic and long-term understandable way. The specifications are ideal for migrating long-term valuable data between generations of information systems, transferring data to dedicated long-term repositories (i.e. digital archives), or preserving and reusing data over extended (and shorter) periods of time and generations of software systems. Next to the specifications eArchiving offers a set of sample software to demonstrate the format in different scenarios and business environments, and consultancy in regard to long-term digital preservation risks and their mitigation.

The eArchiving building block and its services and specifications

The eArchiving building block and its services and specifications.