Skill set

And with that setting of uses cases and need for reuse in a lot of ways we can only make the conclusion that a modern archivist, or perhaps the more accurate title is information or records manager, needs to understand XML and more than one standard for handling the information for which they are the caretakers. Besides the need for knowing a lot of different technical languages there is also a need to speak the same language as the programmers who will aid you with creating export and import tools. A challenge still not fully addressed in either community. The language challenge is something all the different communities and professions working together need to start working with. A common solution is that every work place and profession has their own language making cross-border professional exchange almost impossible without a lot of extra meetings, things that can be avoided if a common vocabulary was agreed upon and communicated to all professions. Look, for example, at the term ‘archive’ which means “to transfer records from the individual or office of creation to a repository authorised to appraise, preserve, and provide access to those records”[6] in the archival setting and the meaning “to store data offline.”[7] in the programmer and more technical setting. A unification is needed and at the same time not easy to achieve due to the different professions lack of common foras for these kinds of discussions (let’s not forget that not speaking to each other is more common than we would like to imagine).