eArchiving Building block Specifications

The story of eArchiving Building Block specifications originates at work starting at the National Archives of Sweden and being enhanced in the E-ARK project[9]. The project delivered 7 draft specifications which all built upon creating profiles of standards and de-facto standards, these can be split into 4 specifications describing profiles of the standard METS and one for electronic records management, one for geodata and finally one for using the SIARD [10]standards. The project ended but no one wanted the work to be a usual project result, forgotten and not used so to make sure these specifications to not stop evolving the project created the “Digital Information LifeCycle Interoperability Standards Board” (DILCIS Board[11]). The board took over the specifications and have during the project E-ARK4ALL[12] (which are responsible for setting up and maintaining the eArchiving Building Block) brought them to a stabilised state and started the development of more specifications. A work carried out together with the experts of specific content so it’s the experts writing the specifications. The board is set up with currently eight members and are charged with the task of handling the specifications. The Board is at the same time the core producers of specifications to the eArchiving Building Block.