Basic soup recipe with a twist

We started with you imagine the making of an archival soup based on international standards using XML, with one municipal archive, two regional archives, five national archives and the European Commission’s eArchiving Building block thrown into the mix. So how do we get this soup to be the “perfect” soup? We use core specifications based upon XML that can be enhanced the further down or closer to the user you get thus making the work and transfer to an archive a piece of cake.

The specification enhancement layers.

The specification enhancement layers.

So our soup gets transformed into the set of use cases which is suitable for different kinds of users as well as different kinds of information.

The specification user layers of adoption

The specification user layers of adoption.

The image shows us that the closer to the information and the implementation you get the more demands is added to make the information understandable in the future. We still are obliged to use the core set which means interoperability is achieved and at the same time the users own needs is an addition to enhance the core set.