Lambda Configuration

This configuration covers point 6 and 7 of the diagram. In particular, it describes the configuration for setting up the lambda function running XSpec tests. This entails:

  1. Retrieving the GitHub code stored in a zip file in S3.

  2. Unzipping the file and storing it in a local directory accessible by the lambda function.

  3. Setting up environment variables required by XSpec (i.e. paths to Saxon and HTML report).

  4. Running the XSpec test suite for all the XSpec tests stored in a given directory.

  5. Storing the HTML report in S3.

  6. Notifying the developer in case a test failed and providing a link for accessing the HTML report in S3.

A step-by-step guide to replicate this configuration and the code for the lambda function is available in my GitHub account [markupuk2019]. It is worth highlighting the following points: