Starting with Arousa

Arousa is wrapped as a bundle, with a managing script and a set of ant template projects integrated with Ivy. You can add your templates taking the existing ones as an example.

Arousa helps you during the creation and configuration of the Ant projects and eases certain calls but all the Arousa magic is made by standard Ant and Ivy capabilities. Once the projects are created, they are self contained Ant projects. You can invoke them with Arousa or directly using Ant commands.

The Arousa configuration is done, in a similar way to a JVM or Ant, by setting its HOME installation path and adding the arousa script to the executable path.

export AROUSA_HOME=<Your_Installaton_path>

Arousa main script require a bash environment (you may use Cygwin on Windows) Apache Ant and Java. Depending on the specific project some internal variables may also need adjustment, like the Xproc engine path for example.

After it is configured, you can run the Arousa script and print the list of available options.

 Arousa Dependency Script
 Syntax : arousa command argument1 argument2 ..

 Arguments :

 - template-project <name> : Builds a new project arguments 
              <template-project-name(optional)> <project-name>

 - template-project-content : gets the template project content

 - template-project-list : prints a list of the templates

 - update-dependencies : Updates dependencies

 - publish-dependency : Publish the main dependency

 - update-main-dependency : Get the repository version 
                                        of the main dependency

 - clean-cache : Cleans ivy project dependency cache

 - template-project-for-dependency : Get a template project 
                                  for the indicated dependency

- update-arousa-configuration : Update arousa configuration files

The following command, for example, prints the available project templates.

$ arousa template-project-list