A Dependency Management Approach for Document and Data Transformation Projects

Jorge Sánchez


This talk introduces and evaluates the suitability of Apache Ivy as a dependency manager for document and data transformation projects, which is less common in these projects. The proposed solution will provide an optimized set of templates based on the development of Arousa and test common scenarios like dealing with local repositories and setting up a shared network repository.

The approach has shown that it is suitable for dependency management on XSLT and XProc transformation projects, and the code samples will be shared for future reference. The initial experience with Arousa seems to back the validity of the solution, and the templates provided can help with the added complexity.

Table of Contents

Introducing Apache Ivy
Starting with Arousa
A bold experiment. How much time/effort does it take?
Introducing the Arousa project structure
Ivy abstraction. Introducing artifact types
A Key difference with Maven
Configuration chains
The Ivy Cycle.
Ivy flexibility (resolvers)
Working with “Others”, the Dual resolvers
A step further
An advanced example