<colortest/> — Automating accessible color negotiation pipelines

Challenge: Use the W3C-published formula for calculating the accessibility of color combinations. Over many years, the system was re-factored. Copying and pasting values into a small XML model was fine for small projects, but I had to seek client approvals on a pallet of 24 colors that were going to be used for strategic branding.

Figure 18. Color testing and tuning pipeline

The pipeline enabled efficient tuning of color pallets

The Just Color Picker tool generated HTML. A new transformation was created to map the HTML output to a new prodoc element, <colortest/>. The production accessibility calculator was updated to handle the new schema and missing functionality was added.

Implementation had a mix of performance objectives: large swatches to make small comparisons, built in black, gray, and white samples, ability to instantly see color changes based on editable hex values, demonstrate single-sourcing concepts to client, save me an armload of effort