prodoc in practice

One day, the test subject was amused by the total absurdity of keeping project notes and analysis in WordPerfect (WP) while simultaneously writing XSLT specifications using an XML editor. The test subject rebuilt that specification doctype for a project and started modifying it to replace WP for all professional documentation. The customized authoring and publishing platform was named prodoc.

Technically, prodoc is an , centered around prodoc.dtd, and a supporting toolkit, with many of the tools based on Oxygen XML Editor and Author software (oXml).

And so started a grand experiment. Could someone who had provided training, support, and engineering to thousands of WP users transition?

The only active WP document is business cards that are encoded in tables with offset crop marks.


Go back to WordPerfect? Are you crazy? Here, I can grab an element by pressing Alt-E. Even copying and pasting is easier. When I go to another editor, none of my compositional idioms are there. Yuck!

 --Test subject

I don't know how I could move these documents back to a word processor. Even accepting the loss of structure, the algorithmic visual effects would take too many mouse clicks to be worth the effort, and probably require a separate graphics package.

 --Test subject