The two projects

Everything discussed in this paper that has to do with the Device Edge Application Platform is the work of XIOS/3 AB (, while everything that has to do with the data model and Singularity Database is the technology from CloudBackend AB ( These two projects are not yet launched and available commercially, but we expect them being available within the next couple of months.

Several concepts and ideas discussed in this paper are patented and protected by the following issued US patents (18 patents in total). Further information about the XML Internet Operating System (XIOS) can be found in the patent descriptions in the link below.

Table 1. 

US8239511Network operating system application packaging
US8843942Interpreting semantic application code
US8959123User interface framework
US8099671Network operating system opening an application view
US8954526Network operating system data source abstraction
US8112460Framework for applying rules
US8996459Offline and/or client-side execution of a network application
US9344497State management of applications and data
US8615531Programmatic data manipulation
US8280925Resolution of multi-instance application execution
US7917584Gesture-based Collaboration
US8108426Application and file system hosting framework
US8156146Network file system
US8234315Data source abstraction system and method
US8620863Message passing in a collaborative environment
US8688627Transaction propagation in a networking environment
US8738567Network file system with enhanced collaboration
US9071623Real-time data sharing