2021 The Future of Distributed Markup Systems or ‘Help my package has become too large!’

Karin Bredenberg

Metadata Strategist
Kommunalförbundet Sydarkivera


Jaime Kaminski

Training Manager
Highbury R&D



This paper expands on the themes developed in “Beyond the brick, for the past in the future, you find the archive!” which was presented by the authors at Markup UK 2019. It explores the development of the European Commission’s eArchiving Building Block from the perspective of the underlying XML-based specifications. It will also look at some of the new specifications that have been developed by the Building block since 2019 and considers some key future challenges.

Table of Contents

It all started with a declaration
The Building Blocks
Recap of the eArchiving Building Block
Standards, de facto standards, and specifications
The eArchiving specifications and its different faces
Defining a CITS with the help of experts
A database specification
Other “big” information types
How do we facilitate oversized information packages?
Where do I find my packages?