Stupid navigation tricks

This sections collects odd information about navigation that every user ought to know about:

Question mark (?) — Shows the help for the NAVBAR

Use ◂ to hide the navigation sidebar.
Use ⇜ to unexpand headings in the sidebar.

Search box instructions:
Use < to search for an element.
Use & to search for an attribute.
Use % to search for a parameter entity.
Or just type for a substring search.

Hide NAVBAR — The solid right-facing arrow hides the NAVBAR.

Bring back NAVBAR — While (once the NAVBAR is hidden), the solid left-facing arrow will bring it back.

Closing all open sections — When there are a lot of open sections on your screen (element sections, attribute sections, essays), it can be painful to scroll to each open section and collapse it. The JATS Tag Libraries almost have a solution for that. The small squiggley arrow to the right of the search box is a collapse function. Click it to collapse all open sections, except the one you are inside. So, if you have all the elements open, and several essays open, and all the attributes open, and you are looking at an attribute page, when you click the squiggle the elements and essays will close and the attribute section will stay expanded. This is a known bug, that will one day be fixed. Until the bug is gone, the hack is to click on Getting Started section, then click the squiggle arrow, which closes all but Getting Started, which is very short and can be manually closed.

Search Bar — If 1) you are reading the Tag Library over the web (not a local copy) and 2) your browser and system support this feature, you can search within the Tag Library using the Search bar, found at the very top left of the screen.

There are five types of searches:


Enter a less-than-sign (<) followed by the element name to search for an element


Enter an AT-sign (@) followed by the name of an attribute to search for an attribute


Enter a percent-sign (%) followed by the name of a parameter entity to search for a parameter entity

As you type in the Search Bar, possibilities will appear in a list below, and you can choose one.

Remember, click the Question Mark (“?”) for hints on using the search bar.