Diving into the JATS Documentation

Separate Tag Libraries for JATS Archiving, Publishing, and Authoring (the three flavors of JATS) are available at [JATS Homepage] to use interactively or for download for local interactive use. JATS Tag Libraries are large numbers of linked HTML files. Unlike the old days of tag set documentation, nobody prints this material and nobody writes books interpreting this material. JATS reference happens online through browsers. [Note: If, however a JATS user chooses to print one of the HTML pages (all about one element or an essay), some very nice CSS turns the HTML the user is viewing into better-looking pages for print. All part of the service.]

JATS Tag Libraries are listed by name and color-coded to make it easy for users to know which Tag Library they are viewing.

Figure 1. Archiving and Interchange (Green) Tag Library

Archiving and Interchange (Green) Tag Library

Figure 2. Journal Publishing (Blue) Tag Library

Journal Publishing (Blue) Tag Library

Figure 3. Article Authoring (Pumpkin) Tag Library

Article Authoring (Pumpkin) Tag Library