2021 Markup UK Speakers

The Organising Committee is delighted to announce this year's speakers.

Karin Bredenberg

Karin Bredenberg is a Metadata Strategist at Kommunalförbundet Sydarkivera. She currently serves as the chair of PREMIS EC, co-chair of TS EAS, chair of the DILCIS Board, and a member of the METS Board. Currently, Bredenberg is the activity lead for specifications in the project E-ARK3 and the European Commission’s eArchiving Building block.

Alain Couthures

Alain Couthures is a non-conventional expert programmer finding solutions to problems many would not even imagine being resolvable. He has already implemented XForms at client-side (XSLTForms) and is now implementing XQuery in Javascript. He is a member of the W3C XForms Users Community Group.

Tony Graham

Tony Graham is a Senior Architect with Antenna House, where he works on their XSL-FO and CSS formatter, cloud-based authoring solution, and related products. He also provides XSL-FO and XSLT consulting and training services on behalf of Antenna House.

Tony has been working with markup since 1991, with XML since 1996, and with XSLT/XSL-FO since 1998. He is Chair of the Print and Page Layout Community Group at the W3C and previously an invited expert on the W3C XML Print and Page Layout Working Group (XPPL) defining the XSL-FO specification, as well as an acknowledged expert in XSLT. Tony is the developer of the 'stf' Schematron testing framework and also Antenna House's 'focheck' XSL-FO validation tool, a committer to both the XSpec and Juxy XSLT testing frameworks, the author of "Unicode: A Primer", and a qualified trainer.

Tony's career in XML and SGML spans Japan, USA, UK, and Ireland. Before joining Antenna House, he had previously been an independent consultant, a Staff Engineer with Sun Microsystems, a Senior Consultant with Mulberry Technologies, and a Document Analyst with Uniscope. He has worked with data in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and with academic, automotive, publishing, software, and telecommunications applications. He has also spoken about XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, EPUB, and related technologies to clients and conferences in North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Jaime Kaminski

Jaime Kaminski BA, MA, PhD, is a training manager at Highbury R&D. Before joining Highbury, Jaime spent 14 years in academia researching in the field of Digital Humanities where he has been working on EC-funded projects including EPOCH, 3D-COFORM, V-MUST, E-RHIS, ROMOR, E-ARK and E-ARK4ALL, as well as the UKRO-funded SEAHA project. Before joining academia, he spent seven years as a technical briefings manager and senior technology analyst for a Blue Chip ICT consultancy.

Michael H Kay

Robin La Fontaine

Robin is the founder and CEO of DeltaXML. He holds an Engineering Science degree from Oxford University and an MSc in Computer Science. His background includes computer aided design software in mechanical, electrical and electronic applications, solar energy system simulation. Since founding DeltaXML, he has been addressing the challenges and exploring the opportunities associated with information change in data and documents.

Deborah A Lapeyre

Deborah Aleyne Lapeyre (Debbie) is a Senior Consultant for Mulberry Technologies, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in helping their clients toward publishing and documentation solutions through XML, XSLT, and Schematron. She works with Tommie Usdin as Secretariat and architects for JATS (ANSI NISO Z39.96-2019 Journal Article Tag Suite), BITS (Book Interchange Tag Suite), and NISO STS (ANSI/NISO Z39.102-2017 Standards Tag Suite). She is on the organizing Committee for Balisage: The Markup Conference. Debbie has taught hands-on XML, XSLT, DTD and schema construction, and Schematron courses as well as numerous technical and business-level introductions to XML and JATS. She has been working with XML and XSLT since their inception and with SGML since 1984 (before SGML was finalized as an ISO standard). In a previous life, she wrote code for systems that put ink on paper and used, taught, and documented an early 1980's proprietary generic markup system named “SAMANTHA”. Hobbies include pumpkin carving parties and many too many books.

David Maus

David Maus  (dmaus.name) is Head of Research & Development at Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg. He is the lead developer and maintainer of SchXslt, an XSLT-based Schematron processor.

Steven Pemberton

Steven Pemberton is a researcher at CWI Amsterdam, the Dutch national research centre for mathematics and informatics. His research is in interaction, and how the underlying software architecture can support users.

He co-designed the ABC programming language that formed the basis for Python, and was one of the first handful of people on the open internet in Europe, when the CWI set it up in 1988.

Involved with the Web from the beginning, he organised two workshops at the first Web Conference in 1994. For the best part of a decade he chaired the W3C HTML working group, and has co-authored many web standards, including HTML, XHTML, CSS, XForms and RDFa. He continues to chair the XForms group at W3C, and was until recently a member of the ODF (Open Document Format) technical committee. More details at http://www.cwi.nl/~steven

Liam Quin

Liam Quin (www.delightfulcomputing.com) was in charge of XML development at W3C; they are now an independent XML consulting and training business in Canada.

Erik Siegel

Erik is a self-employed content engineer and XML specialist, working from the Netherlands. Most clients are from the publishing industry or involved in standardization.

Coming from a technical Background, Erik is deliberately looking for content and XML related projects on all levels: from the strategic use of standards to developing processing applications. Documenting and explaining difficult subjects, whether in prose or as a course, is something he likes to as an addition to all the technical work.

B. Tommie Usdin

B. Tommie Usdin is President of Mulberry Technologies, Inc., a consultancy specializing in XML for prose documents. Ms. Usdin has been working with generic markup since 1985 and has been a supporter of XML since 1996. She chairs “Balisage: The Markup Conference” and is a frequent speaker at JATS-Con, MarkupUK, and other conferences. Ms. Usdin has developed DTDs, Schemas, and XML/SGML application frameworks for applications in academia, government, and industry. Projects include reference materials in medicine, science, engineering, and law; semiconductor documentation; historical and archival materials, and text books. Distribution formats have included print books, magazines, and journals, and both web- and media-based electronic publications. She is co-chair of the NISO Z39-96, JATS: Journal Article Tag Suite Working Group, and member of the NISO STS Standing Committee and of the BITS Committee. You can read more about her at http://www.mulberrytech.com/people/usdin/index.html

Nigel A Whitaker

Nigel is the Chief Architect at DeltaXML and explores new product development as well as the more mundane aspects of software development. He studied Physics and Computer Science at Manchester University, where after his PhD, he worked on computer aided design for electronics.

Important Dates

2020-12-31 Call for Papers opens
2021-03-15 Call for papers ends
2021-04-12 Feedback to authors
2021-04-18 Early Bird closes
2021-05-11 Full papers due
2021-05-21 First day of the conference
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Paper Submission

The conference audience is a good mixture of markup geeks, academics, publishers, software engineers, and end users.

When you submit an abstract, it will be reviewed by our Programme Committee. If your abstract is accepted, we'll expect you to write it up as a full paper for inclusion in the conference proceedings and give a presentation at the conference itself.