SGML Darc  ☑

The SGML Document Archive from the KTH in Stockholm is perhaps not strictly a native SGML database, but provides some search and extraction facilities. The system was installed from two 3½" floppy disks without problems.

Figure 18. SGML DARC searching a document

SGML DARC searching a document

The system requires preparation by compiling the DTDs and the stylesheets to be used for the documents to be stored. Ingesting the documents also requires details of which items are to be indexed, and how, so it can be a lengthy task. The indexing, however, is very robust, and retrieval is fast. For a large repository (archive) of documents, having them dynamically formatted is a big advantage, because incoming additions to the same DTD would appear completely consistently.

The display engine was later developed by Synex and SoftQuad as Explorer and later Viewport, which in turn informed Softquad’s Panorama (viewer and publisher).