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Use ‘TOC’ for a Table of Contents. The structure of a ‘TOC’ is similar to, but more flexible than, the structure of fo:bookmark-tree: a ‘TOC’ Structure Element may contain ‘TOCI’ (Table of Contents item) and ‘TOC’ entries. A ‘TOCI’ may contain any combination of ‘Lbl’, ‘Reference’, ‘NonStruct’, ‘P’, and ‘TOC’ Structure Elements.

Use ‘TOC’ for the block containing the Table of Contents. Use axf:pdftag="TOCI" for each entry in the Table of Contents. When the Table of Contents represents a hierarchy, use a block with ‘TOC’ for each level of the hierarchy. Within each Table of Contents entry, use ‘Lbl’ for the title, ‘NonStruct’ for the leader or other content between the title and the page number, and use ‘Reference’ for the page number.