Automated analysis

Languages, including English, have stylistic conventions for formatted text. The origins of the conventions may be for readability, for aesthetics, for commercial reasons, or for a mix of these. Some are now just considered to be good design without reference to the underlying reason. Books on typography or book design will usually cover a subset of possible problems, but even the reference books differ in what they consider to be a problem, the threshold for a condition becoming a problem, and even the terminology for describing a problem.

Automated analysis, introduced in Antenna House Formatter V7.0 and expanded in V7.1, can detect a range of error conditions:

The problems found by the automated analysis are reported as log messages. The Antenna House ‘analysis-utility’ project on GitHub provides scripts to process the error log and the document to generate either an analysis report or a copy of the formatted document that is annotated to show the locations of the errors.