User-Entry - Check technical terms

Technical terms are specialized words or phrases that are used within a particular field or industry. When writing technical documents, it's important to ensure that these terms are explained adequately so that readers who may not be familiar with them can understand the content. One way to check if technical terms are explained adequately is to use a Schematron rule that interrogates an AI . The rule might look something like this:

Example 14. Rule that verifies if the technical terms are explained adequately

<sch:report test="ai:verify-content('Are the technical terms explained ambiguous?', .)"
       The text uses technical terms that are not explained adequately.</sch:report>

To fix this issue, the user could provide an explanation for the technical term. However, sometimes it may be necessary to reformulate the phrase to make it more understandable. In this case, a fix could be added to the Schematron rule that allows the user to specify how to reformulate the phrase.

Example 15. SQF fix that allows the user to specify the prompt that will be send to the AI

<sqf:fix id="reformulateUser">
        <sqf:title>Specify how to reformulate the phrase</sqf:title>
    <sqf:user-entry name="userInput" default="'
         Reformulate phrase and replace the ambiguous terms with a more accurate one'">
        <sqf:description>sqf:title>How to correct:</sqf:title>sqf:description>
    <sqf:replace match="text()" select="ai:transform-content($userInput, .)"/>

The user can specify the instruction for the fix in the sqf:user-entry. A default value instruction is proposed to the user, but the user can decide do correct the phrase providing other instruction to the AI system (such as: explain term, define term, replace term with a new one)