Schematron Quick Fix and AI

Schematron QuickFix (SQF) is a simple language that allows the Schematron developer to define actions that will correct the problems reported by Schematron rules. SQF was created as an extension of the Schematron language. It was developed within the W3C "Quick-Fix Support for XML Community Group". The first draft of the Schematron Quick Fix specification was published in April 2015, second draft in March 2018, and it is available on the W3C Quick-Fix Support for XML community group page.

Schematron Quick Fix (SQF) can be used with AI to automatically correct problems in documents. Here are some steps to use SQF with AI:

  1. Create a set of rules using Schematron to identify problems in the document. These rules can include grammar and spelling checks, as well as more complex checks like sentence structure and coherence.

  2. Use AI algorithms to generate suggestions for how to fix the identified problems. For example, an AI algorithm could suggest rephrasing a sentence to use active voice or to have a certain word count.

  3. Implement the suggested fixes using SQF. SQF allows for user-defined fixes to be applied automatically, making it easy to correct problems in the document without manual intervention.

  4. Test the document to ensure that the fixes have been applied correctly and that the document is now error-free.

By combining Schematron, AI, and SQF, it is possible to automate the process of correcting problems in documents, saving time and improving the overall quality of the document.