The draft implementation uses prodoc's document-level extension mechanism to add global attributes a test document:

Figure 33. Semantic formalization attribute list

<!-- ren to fsem.atl when generalized -->
<!ENTITY  % sa.atl
              shsem           (show| hidden)   #IMPLIED
              sumoID          CDATA            #IMPLIED
              sumoLogic       CDATA            #IMPLIED
              sumoText        CDATA            #IMPLIED
              userID          CDATA            #IMPLIED
              userLogic       CDATA            #IMPLIED
              userText        CDATA            #IMPLIED
              wnetID          CDATA            #IMPLIED
              wnetSense       CDATA            #IMPLIED
" >

The approach was tested with the concepts <agent/>, <artifact/>, and <behavior/>. The @shsem attribute controls the expansion and collapsing of the associated form control that provides access to the WordNet and SUMO attributes set.

Figure 34. Elements mapped to WordNet definitions and SUMO logic

A behavior element has been expand to show interfaces for WordNet and SUMO connections