Looking through a few of the sample applications built

There would not be enough space in an article to go through all applications that have been built for CloudTop, but we will go through a few of them as each one of them introduces interesting and important concepts for the CloudTop OS and how it makes use of XML.

The above list provides a brief introduction. Additional information is available through the CloudBackend service and the SDK Web UI (XIOS/3) and CloudBackend developer documentation. Using CloudBackend you can write and run applications on your own.

CloudTop is a separate project and not part of either the CloudBackend and XIOS/3 companies. They aim to release a new version of the CloudTop desktop using the latest XIOS/3 and CloudBackend by the end of this year. Any application developed as a single-page application on the CloudBackend Singularity Database today can run within the CloudTop desktop when it is released.