Future-proof approach and improved maintainability by adding a separate orchestration layer

As stated above, the existing batches are not only based on XSLT but also call other tools to fulfil different tasks. Using the command line interface of these tools has the disadvantage of a strong connection between a logical task (e.g. create Zip archives) and a specific software implementation (e.g. call 7-Zip with the following parameters). Adapting to a new software version with changes in the command line interface involves changes in the batch. Using other software to fulfil the task is often associated with great costs. Languages such as ANT etc. introduce an extra level of abstraction that models the logical structure of the task and uncouples it from a specific implementation. Using such a level of abstractions makes workflows more robust against changes in the implementing software. Changing the task's implementation can be as easy as changing one configuration file instead of changing every workflow document that uses the task.