At the time of writing, the tutorial has been given once, not counting a couple of try-outs with single victims.

With only 2 hours allocated, and each exercise being budgeted for 5 minutes presentation and 5 minutes working, only 12 of the 25 sections were handled. Nevertheless, this wasn’t seen as a problem, since the tutorial is also designed for self-study, and so the attendees could do the rest of the tutorial at their leisure.

There is a problem with doing a tutorial remotely, as was the case, that there is far less contact with the individual attendees, in order to solve problems, and less opportunity to assess if people have properly finished an exercise, especially since later exercises use the results of previous exercises. In fact this could be seen as a disadvantage of the cumulative approach to the exercises, in that it requires previous exercises to be completed before you can continue.

The tutorial was well-received; it revealed a few places where the exposition could be clarified, but otherwise went well.