Future work

In previous conferences and events we have shown and discussed different approaches to resolving and processing merge results using XML based technologies. We have shown a conflict resolver using an OxygenXML plugin and one based on Schematron Quick Fixes (SQF) 4. These work well with an XML payload, but aren't directly usable with other forms of structured content such as JSON. At DeltaXML we are finding that customers want to evaluate our tools in the browser and fewer users are willing to download and install a ZIP package with our code/APIs. We have tools/services for XML and JSON and display comparison and merge results in the browser, but we do not provide an interactive merge resolver. Using diff3x would help to provide this capability for both XML, JSON and potentially other structured formats.

In 5 we discussed what we feel are inefficiencies/shortcomings in many git workflows where a mergetool would repeat the work done in the merge driver, often inconsistently. The format presented here is one possible solution that could be used to address these issues. This would allow effort spent understanding structured merged techniques to be concentrated/shared and not repeated in different merge tools. We would welcome feedback from the wider git user community and also from those interested in mergetools.