JATS4R Recommendations

JATS4R publishes recommendations on how to use the JATS Tag Set to optimize reuse and interoperability of JATS documents.

Current recommendations include:

Article publication and history dates

How to capture publication dates associated with an article and indicate the version of the article being viewed

Authors and affiliations

How to capture authors and their affiliations in article metadata

Citations (general)

How to capture tagging citations in general

Clinical trials

How to capture clinical trial information in abstracts and other places in an article

Conflict-of-interest (COI) statements

How to capture conflict-of-interest (COI) statements within article metadata

CRediT taxonomy

Updated version of how to tag author contributions using the CRediT taxonomy

Data availability statements

How to capture data availability in a machine-readable section of your JATS XML

Data citations

Updated version of how to tag data citations as references

Display objects (e.g. figures, tables, and boxed text)

How to capture figures, tables and boxes in a standard format in your JATS XML

Ethics statements

How to capture ethics-related content within a specific section and within general content


How to capture funding information in a specific location so it can be mined for further use, with reference to the Open Funder Registry

General XML recommendation

How to capture general article’s XML as a whole


How to capture mathematical content within an article

Peer review materials

How to tag peer review materials such as peer reviews, editor decision letters and author responses


How to capture license and copyright information for the article as well as reproduced assets within it

Preprint citations

How to tag preprint citations as references