Comprehensible XML

Markup UK 2021

Erik Siegel


May 2021


Writing software, it is all too easy to forget that there is another side to it than just: it works. Most software goes through a life cycle of writing, testing debugging and maintenance. This makes it important that what you write is comprehensible, both for somebody else and yourself in a few months’ time. It reduces the chance of mistakes and bugs and shortens development time.

We have probably all seen, heard, or read something about how to write good code. We probably all to try to comply more or less, but given what we see around us, we do not always succeed.

This talk will try to provide directions, tips and tricks on how to make (in this case XML related) code more understandable. It will also provide background on why this important and why we should try to comply. How can we do this with minimum effort. It will be a mixture of things from literature and personal experience after 40 years of programming computers.

Table of Contents

About the author
Why bother?
What can we do?
Convention yourself
The rhythm of the code
Names, names, names (and declarations)
Comments? What comments?
It’s the process…
Debunking some obstacles
Further reading?