XSLTForms for the ‘20s

Alain Couthures



Since 2009, XSLTForms has been developed with support for old browsers. It is now time to consider modern browsers and XForms 2.0 support with XPath/XQuery 2.0+ instead of XPath 1.0

Table of Contents

XSLTForms since 2009
Browsers have evolved
HTML5 notation for XForms elements and CSS styling
XQuery/XPath parser in Javascript
XQueryX 3.1 to Javascript transpiler
XForms 2.0 support in XSLTForms

More and more complex forms are to be used but do they all work as users would like? XForms is remaining as a nice declarative approach to allow authors, even without strong programming abilities, to write robust forms. XSLTForms is a light XForms implementation for browsers, at client side.