Part, Article, Section, or Division

There are multiple Structure Element types for representing the top-level hierarchy of the document:

Table 3. PDF tags for top-level structure of a document

Structure type



A complete document


A relatively self-contained body of text with a single narrative. An article should not contain another article.


A container for grouping related elements


A generic block-level element or group of elements

By default, AH Formatter maps fo:root to ‘Document’, fo:page-sequence to ‘Part’, fo:flow to ‘Sect’, and both para-container and any para that contains only block-level FOs to‘Div’. It is possible, for example, to use axf:pdftag to map the higher-level para-container and para to ‘Sect’ if that better represents the structure of the document or to map fo:root to ‘Art’ if the document is a single article.