Type of Users

It is important to have quality control over the XML documents in your project. You can do this using a Schematron schema in combination with other schemas (such as XSD, RNG, or DTD). Schematron solves the limitation that other types of schema have when validating XML documents because it allows the schema author to define the tests and control the messages that are presented to the user. It makes validation problems more accessible to users and it ensures that they understand the problem.

However, correcting the validation problems in the XML documents can sometimes be difficult for a content writer. Many content writers are not XML experts, but they know the context of the document very well and they are experts in their domain. If a problem occurs when they write content in the document, they need to fix it correctly without adding new ones.

On the other hand, an XML expert knows the syntax very well and knows how to fix the problem, but they may not be familiar with the domain of the content writer. In this case, since the XML expert and content writer will need to work together to correct the problems, this will introduce extra costs and take more time.

Using SQF, you can provide in-place actions to help the content writer correct the problems by themselves without involving the XML expert, and without producing new errors. This will solve the problem faster and companies will spend less money. The XML expert can focus on developing new rules and quick fixes for the content writer.