The xqDoc format

In 2002, Darin McBeath realised the need for a tool for generating documentation from XQuery sources and created the xqDoc website [XQDOC]. This site defines an XML schema for the namespace This schema provides a vocabulary to describe an XQuery module and a reference Java implementation.

To get full value from xqDoc, the source should contain comments formatted according to certain conventions in a similar fashion to Javadoc comments. See example below:

: The controller for constructing the xqDoc HTML information for
: the specified library module. The following information for
: each library module will be generated.
: <ul>
: <li> Module introductory information</li>
: <li> Global variables declared in this module</li>
: <li> Modules imported by this module</li>
: <li> Summary information for each function defined in the module</li>
: <li> Detailed information for each function defined in the module</li>
: </ul>
: @param $uri the URI for the library module
: @param $local indicates whether to build static HTML link for offline
: viewing or dynamic links for real-time viewing.
: @return XHTML.
function print-module($uri as xs:string, $local as xs:boolean) as element()*