Non-XML workflows with XProc 3.0

Current status and perspectives

Achim Berndzen

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While XProc 1.0 is an XML-centric workflow language, XProc 3.0 attempts to overcome this restriction and to allow non-XML documents to flow between the steps of a pipeline. The intention for this change is not to make XProc a general purpose workflow language, but to enable pipeline authors to cover problems typically connected to XML processing. Although XProc 3.0 is still work in progress, this paper will present and comment its current concepts for processing non-XML documents. The main focus of this paper is to evaluate in a practical example, how a non-XML workflow which fits every day needs of pipeline authors can be developed in XProc 3.0 . The discussed use case deals with non-XML documents, that often appear in XML-related workflows such as zipped archives, ePUBs, images and JSON.

Table of Contents

Reprise: Non-XML documents in XProc 1.0
XProc 3.0's new concept of a document
Applying the model