Data Module Title

A data module title <dmTitle> is made up of 2 elements, the technical name <techName> which is mandatory, and the information name <infoName> which is optional.

                    <infoName>Install procedure</infoName>

If the information name is present then it is normally appended to the technical name when displayed. So the example above would be displayed as:

Headset – Install procedure

For the Knowledge Warehouse content being migrated, document titles were already well established and in fact most documents already had two titles, the name and the document reference number. For example: Airplane Health Management and Airman Systems – EN-WD-3-5. While an argument could be made that the historic reference number was being replaced by the data module code, many users had memorised the reference number and would search for this rather than the document title. It was therefore a straightforward decision to map the document title to the <techName> and the document number, where available, to the optional <infoName>.

Table 7. A word of advice..

One of the most important points re-enforced by this project is not to alienate your users. S1000D may be a totally new concept to them but frankly they are unlikely to be impressed unless they can find the content they need quickly. Listening carefully to the users and understanding how they want to use the system is essential for a successful S1000D migration. A certain degree of adapting is going to be inevitable for them but they should not be forced into new ways of doing things if it can be avoided.