Other Codes

Disassembly Code and Disassembly Code Variant

The Disassembly Code (DC) and Disassembly Code Variant (DCV) are two parts of the data module code which are very hard to make sense of outside of a component manufacturing or maintenance context. They relate to the idea that a dismantled part is made up of a series of other parts. They are however compulsory parts of the data module code so, for the purposes of the Knowledge Warehouse project, they were left as zeros.

Information Code and Information Code Variant

The Information Code (IC) is used to identify the type of information in the S1000D document. The specification defines a number of generic information codes and it is also possible to define custom codes, specific to a project. For simplicity it was decided to use one generic code for all Knowledge Warehouse content: "040" meaning “description” which fits with the use of the descriptive schema. The Information Code Variant (ICV) is intended to signify variations of the activity covered by the information code. The default value is the character A.

Item Location Code

The Item Location Code (ILC) is another very component specific code which had no meaningful use in the context of Knowledge Warehouse. As a value is mandatory the character D was chosen meaning all locations apply.