From the Mouth of a Novice

Not long ago I had an interesting conversation with a young man who had just written his first XML document-processing application (of course, he wrote his own document vocabulary). He then showed it to some of the senior people in the organization where he works, and was shocked and disappointed at the responses he got. He had clearly done a lot of reading, worked hard, and build something to impress the powers that be. He wanted recognition, praise, and perhaps additional responsibilities. They laughed at him.

He is the son of a friend of a friend, so he felt safe asking me what had gone wrong. The first thing I told him is that the big thing he had done right was to dive in and learn about something he found interesting but knew nothing about. I thought that was laudable, and that spirit would serve him well in the future.

Now, let’s look at some of the problems with his XML vocabulary. He said that they laughed at him because:

And he said: I read the XML recommendation: