Appendix A

Table 11. Other important BRDP for the Knowledge Warehouse project

BRDP-S1-00008Possible deliverables
BRDP-S1-00012Define security classification values and terms (attribute securityClassification)
BRDP-S1-00020Specify the language
BRDP-S1-00026Highlighting text
BRDP-S1-00036Presentation of the issue number and the inwork number on the title page
BRDP-S1-00049Definition of the issue date
BRDP-S1-00051Rules for the information names
BRDP-S1-00052Allocation of the information codes and the information names
BRDP-S1-00129Suitability of multimedia use
BRDP-S1-00130Permitted types of multimedia
BRDP-S1-00171Use of the symbols
BRDP-S1-00179Granularity of data in descriptive data modules
BRDP-S1-00180Level of depth of descriptive data modules
BRDP-S1-00333Allow the use of one or several model identification codes
BRDP-S1-00342Use of the disassembly code variant
BRDP-S1-00343Use of numeric values in the information code variant
BRDP-S1-00347Structure and rules for ICN for model identification code based ICN
BRDP-S1-00348Allocation of responsible partner company codes for model identification code based ICN
BRDP-S1-00349Security classifications to be used for model identification based ICN
BRDP-S1-00365Use of the attribute pmIssuer
BRDP-S1-00367Use of layered BREX data modules
BRDP-S1-00387Use of applicability
BRDP-S1-00475Page size
BRDP-S1-00478Presentation of "Produced by" - "Printed in"
BRDP-S1-00479Presentation of publication module code
BRDP-S1-00480Presentation of data module code
BRDP-S1-00481Presentation of issue date
BRDP-S1-00482Presentation of page number
BRDP-S1-00496Presentation of the document title
BRDP-S1-00519Presentation of change marking of individual table rows
BRDP-S1-00520Presentation of data module titles in the reference table

Table 12. BRDP that may have been beneficial to consider for Knowledge Warehouse but were not

BRDP-S1-00021Use of ASD Simplified Technical English
BRDP-S1-00022Standard dictionary
BRDP-S1-00023Use of a terminology database or glossary
BRDP-S1-00024Use of a standard list of abbreviations
BRDP-S1-00025Units of measurement