Speaker Announcement

The Organising Committee is delighted to announce Markup UK 2018’s speakers.

After a heartening response to the call for papers, and a lot of hard work from our fantastic Programme Committee in whittling down the excellent proposals we received, we can now reveal the speaker lineup for this year’s conference. We think you’ll be excited to see what we have prepared for you…

Keynote Speaker: Debbie Lapeyre

In Defense of the Lowly Angle Bracket

Achim Berndzen

Non-XML workflows with XProc 3.0

Mark Dunn

Two (and a half) models for markup of bibliographic references

Tony Graham

Introduction to CSS for Paged Media

Philip Hodder

Lightweight DevOps using ANT

Michael H Kay

Writing an XSD 1.1 validator in XSLT 3.0

David Maus

The Wolfenbüttel emblem2rdf pipeline

Makoto Murata

CREPDL: Protect yourself from the proliferation of Unicode characters

Robin La Fontaine

When overlapping XML meets changing XML does confusion reign?

Steven Pemberton

The XForms 2.0 Test Suite

Hans-Juergen Rennau and Hauke Brandes

Rethinking transformation - the potential of code generation

Bethan Tovey

First Steps in Marking Up a Corpus of Cryptic Crosswords

Tommie Usdin

Shared Tag Sets as Social Constructs

Rob Walpole

How to Make a Flying Start with S1000D – Lessons Learned at the Airport

Bert Willems

Modern amendment drafting - The road to XML

If this list of papers looks as good to you as it does to us, you can take advantage of EarlyBird ticket prices until May the 8th. Register here, and join us in June!